Prefab House frame and roof truss installation

This is a job where we picked up some frames and roof trusses, delivered them to site and craned them into place for the builder

Site shed lift transport and put down in other site

This day we have picked up site shed which was used for sales at a racing event. 

Site shed removal and transportation

We have picked up a site shed from this site and transported it to a different location

Transport and place new watertank in residential house

Here is a job when only a crane truck will do. We lifted the tank over the back of the house and placed it in the backyard

Air conditioner delivery and lift

This is a heavy industrial airconditioner which we lifted into place for the Airconditioning mechanics. This was a very delicate job as it was so close to the building. Speedy was the right company for the job

40 ft boot lift out of container then move

In this job we have used our truck mounted crane to first manauver the boat out of the container safely and then to lift the boat into position ready to be played with by the excited new owner who accepted the delivery

Pick up, transport and place heavy machinery inside new factory

In this job we picked up some industrial machinery and delivered it to its new home. It all arrived safely with no damage and we did not require excessive crating to be undertaken as we always take great care when moving items like this

Transport and place sculpture in park

We are regulary used to move heavy works of art around Victoria. This is one of the nice ones we have done before. 

Move concrete pipes for James hardy

We performed this work on a regular basis. We would pick up the pipes and delivery them to site with the crane truck. 

Deliver boom lift to site at St Kilda towers

Here we delivered a Boom Lift to a site in the CBD. We were able to pick up early, navigate the inner city traffic and then deliver the boom safely and on time as promised.

Transport and assist in installation of sound proof panels on freeway

On this project we would pickup the sound proof panels and deliver them to various sites along the freeway. We would lift them into position so that the tradespeople could easily and safely secure them.

Pick up sculpture from the Old Melbourne Mint and deliver to private collector

We picked up this item for a private collector and delivered it safely and securely to his home. Upon delivery we took the time to place this item exactly where he wanted it so after we left he did not have any work or moving to do.We picked up from The Old Royal Mint 280 William st  Melbourne

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